cost efficient machining services


Our clients’ end product is created from quality components. We do machining for product series, individual pieces and prototypes cost effectively with CNC and manual machines. We are familiar with the specialities of different products and their ability to be machined, since we work with these materials every day. This is how and why we support our clients with raw material selections and other preparatory work.

Along with our professionality and know-how, we have networks for paint and surface processing work.

Material management

We operate with different types of structured steel, acid proof steel, Duplex-steel,  heat-proof steel, plastic, aluminium and bronze, just to name a few. 

Material supply

Our vast material supple grants us quick and flexible delivery. 


We optimise our work and make sure that the end product matches the requirements. 


We offer storage services to match the needs of our clients.


We assemble products to match all the steps in our customers’ product cycle. 

Surface prosessing

We execute different surface prosessing needs through our network and partners. 

Questions about machining?